It was said by Mr. Le Cao Minh, General Director of TWG Group, as he ignored the criticisms for being “greedy” and “risky” to boldly enter two completely new fields of education and medicine. It is because, according to him, improving the quality of life and bringing the most practical benefits to the community is the most important goal.

For more than 14 years working in geological surveying and construction consultancy, what are the reasons for you to make a bold decision to expand your investment into education and health?

Starting from the thought that I had to do something meaningful for Dinh Quan, Dong Nai, the countryside associated with my needy childhood, I decided to invest in education. The first step is to build a preschool there. Because it is clear to me that the right direction of education from the first years of life is not only useful for a child's future but also creates sustainable values for society.

My commitment to the health sector stems from the current social situation. Hospitals are overloaded, people from remote rural areas have to wait in the morning to queue for big cities to wait for medical check-ups. That has motivated me to build more hospitals so people can have better access to healthcare.

From an economic perspective, don’t you think that bringing a high-quality school to the countryside is a "risky" decision?

If it was only for economic benefits, I probably wouldn't have done this project in the first place. In addition to the love for my own hometown, the philosophy of "Kindness is the essential foundation" that TWG is pursuing has guided me and strengthened my determination to embark on this path.

Nearly 6 years have passed, the trust of parents for the To Ong Vang (Golden Honeycomb) kindergarten in Dinh Quan is the most practical answer for the path I have chosen. Now, with a series of 10 high-quality pre-schools, three primary schools and a gifted and foreign language centre with more than 2,000 students in HCM City and all over other provinces, I believe that I am on the right track.

As for healthcare, why did TWG choose to develop this segment when currently many domestic and foreign investors are still very hesitant?

According to statistics in recent years, people spend more than US$2 billion per year to go abroad for medical examination and treatment. At home, the pressure on patients in major cities has left the healthcare system overloaded. This is the first reason why I made the decision to participate in building and investing in quality medical facilities to help Vietnamese people enjoy high-quality social benefits, thereby contributing to reducing the burden on the healthcare sector.

The second factor derives from TWG's previous experience in building a number of hospital facilities in some provinces, as well as our advantages of resources and extensive cooperation with prestigious international health organisations such as AP-HP of France, Oncocare of Singapore, hospitals and medical universities of Japan and Korea. Among them, the most recent highlight is the strategic cooperation between TWG and Metran Company. This Company’s chairman - Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc - is a Vietnamese-Japanese inventor who has successfully researched and developed a high-frequency oscillatory ventilation machine, a high-tech product used in 90% of hospitals and infant treatment rooms in Japan. Therefore, TWG is completely confident in consulting, developing and managing hospital operations in the strategic period 2020-2025 so that the TWGer ecosystem will be wider, more closely linked to and benefit from the quality of social services.

Could you tell us more about TWG's development plan in healthcare for the next 5 years?

We have outlined a clear roadmap for the development plan of each strategic phase. In the next 5 years, from 2020, TWG Group will use all resources to continue developing its capacity in M&A, independent investment and public-private partnership (PPP), participating in medical socialisation projects and above all, "jumping in" to directly manage and operate international standard hospital chains. The most typical example was on the occasion of Vietnamese Doctor's Day on February 27, 2020, the group solemnly held the launching ceremony of Long An Maternity and Children Hospital. We strive to achieve the goal of best serving the healthcare needs of people across provinces and cities, especially in remote areas, while ensuring international standards at an affordable price.

Thank you, Sir!