Medical and Healthcare

General Information

General Information

Catching up with the trend of socializing healthcare and responding to the Government's call, TWG determined that Healthcare will become a strategic investment field in the coming time. This will be a new turning point for the development of our corporation and bring practical values in the field of healthcare to the community.


With the experience of cooperating with international medical corporations and the experienced advisory boards, TWG is fully capable of developing, managing and constructing hospital projects. We are implementing the development of a hospital medical facility system in the forms of Self-Investment, M&A, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and the socialization of healthcare.


To achieve the goal of comprehensive health care for the community according to international standards, TWG concentrates on our cooperation with domestic and international strategic partners such as Hoan My Medical Group, Tu Du Hospital, Children's Hospital 1, Oncocare Center (Singapore), AP-HP (France), Deahan Rehabilitation (Malaysia).

Our projects

TWG develops hospital facilities in many forms such as Self-investment, M&A, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and the socialization of healthcare across the country.

Human Resources

With a strategic orientation from 2020 to 2025, TWG focuses on attracting and training high-quality human resources in healthcare field to affirm our position and achieve the goal of expanding our scope into chains with 3 models: Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Orthopedics and General Surgery.

Our Experience on Medical Field


TWG has experience in cooperating with famous healthcare corporations, organizations in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and all over the world.


Top management team and Advisory boards

Our top management team along with advisory boards has many years of experience in operating corporations as well as corporate models in multi-industry in general and healthcare industry in particular.


Operation team

Our operation and administration team with many years of experience in implementing medical projects and hospital activities come from prestigious medical groups and hospitals, both domestic and abroad.

Our Experience on Medical Field

Vision - Mission


TWG healthcare is developed into a chain of Hospital & clinic system. Beyond the purpose of enhancing the quality of Vietnamese healthy lives, at TWG healthcare, we provide high-qualified general and special medical services with stringent International Standard.


Aiming for strict medical ethics in examing clinical cases and treatment, we are constantly improving our high-tech medical services through the application of modern medicine as well as harsh medical management to provide the best experience for customers based on our spirit of thoughtful and conscientious.