On February 14th, at Long An Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital, the Human Resource Management Software (HRMS-LAH) kicked off with the participation of BOD members and related functional healthcare departments from TWG - Healthcare Hospital as well as the IT project team of TWG group.

Mr. Chung Kien Quoc - Head of IT Project Department presented gave a presentation

The HRMS for LAH is inherited and developed from the one programmed for TWEdu (HRMS) which has been built and deployed stably by the IT team. The software is helping the operation of more than 600 employees, 18 branches and locations within the TWedu system from October 2019. Currently, the TWEdu's HRMS has been upgrading to version 2.0 and expected to go live in early June 2020 with new functions such as Recruitment and Training.

With the orientation of Building - Deploying - Improving - Inheritance, IT Team determines that HRMS-LAH can take over at about 80% of the available functions of TWEdu's HRMS. Besides, other main functions that need adding into software for LAH include:
A. Adding Employee Information Management: 
- Managing the practising certificates. 
- Managing healthcare examination of medical staff according to the industry regulations.

B. Adding a Labor Contract for part-time Doctors

C. Checking attendance: arising 2 types of timekeeping: 
- Timekeeping by service: Allowing to import from excel or connect automatically with HIS (Hospital Information System) at integration stage.
- Timekeeping by timeshift: Setting a live schedule - which will be displayed on the employee portal according to the department in which they are working and also allows shift-switching between them.


Overview of the program

The HRMS-LAH system will absorb the necessary requirements for correction and plan to put into practice for LAH in April 2020 for the official operation. The deployment of this software promises to bring many benefits to not only LAH but also TWGroup:

+ With the enhancement of the ability to operate in real-time, centralized management, and uniformity (from forms, processes, regulations...), the ability to integrate smoothly, the demand increases rapidly, the HRMS-LAH system will digitize and support 90% of hospital human resources and human resource management activities, thereby helping the Hospital's Board of Directors and relevant departments make decisions based on timely information.
+ At the integration stage, HRMS-LAH will be connected to the remaining systems of the Hospital to reduce manual errors, optimize operations and accelerate the processing of information throughout the hospital based on the number of Data systems.

In this warm-up session, the two sides mutually confirmed the roles, responsibilities, and cohesion to coordinate among departments. Thus, making appropriate and truly useful adjustments to HR Management Software Hospital.