Trường mầm non Tổ Ong Vàng


TOV high-quality kindergarten system was established and put into operation since 2014. Up to the present, the system has expanded and developed with 3 branches in Dong Nai Province, Cao Lanh city and Sa Dec city.

TOV kindergarten is currently a choice of more than 1000 parents for children aged 6 months to 6 years old. This is one of the few preschools that are strongly invested with wide classrooms and functional modern areas according to international standards in developed provinces in Vietnam.

Based on the curriculum of Ministry of Education and Training, TOV kindergarten system focus on the characteristics of a child's intelligence on the theoretical background of Howard Gadner, PhD in educational psychology's theory of diverse intelligence, Harvard University (USA) in 1983 stated: "Every child is a genius and has their own abilities".

Coming to the TOV kindergarten, parents can get the comfort and trust feeling provided by our professional advisers who are experienced in domestic and abroad as well as being dedicated to the profession and experienced in holding positions at prestigious preschools in HCM and other provinces.

In addition, young, dynamic, loving and professional teachers contribute to creating a friendly learning environment, where children come to school with joy and excitement every day.