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Bridge test equipment


Brand: BDI – STS

Parameter – Features: Modular: Mobile wireless transceiver module, allowing use of module / 4 channel connection. Accuracy ± 2%. Frequency: max 500Hectz; Strain transducer sensor: length 76.2mm, accuracy ± 2% (NIST standard); LVDT displacement sensor: amplitude ± 25.4mm / full range measurement 50.8mm. Linearity error: < ±0.5/ ±0.25/ ±0.1; Accelerometer sensor: ± 0.5g (IP 67 standard). Water resistant. Can be used to measure prestressing force in the tendon. Auto click: Automatically locate the wheel, transmit the signal through the radio to the receiver; Software: Modeling test, processing and comparing data,  simulation of load test, structural analysis, calibration of model, calculation of load classification.